Becoming a Runner

I’ve been running for as long as I can remember. No, I wasn’t a serial kleptomaniac trying to escape the law and zombies were not chasing me (I’m pretty sure at least). About 20 some-odd years ago, I began running with my dad. He was always out there hitting the pavement and I couldn’t wait to get out there with him whether it was a regular weekday or we were on vacation in rainy Seattle. To be fair, I also had this same enthusiasm for mowing our enormous lawn with him but that spark for yard work fizzled out around my early tween years. Still, even at a young age, running made me feel great. The fact that my dad probably held back the pace and made me think I was beating him (or at least keeping up) probably had much to do with that ‘top of the world’ feeling but I’ll just attribute that to good parenting skills.

Flash forward to my college years… running was no longer just fun bonding time with my dad back when the biggest concern in my carefree world was a surprise spelling test. Now, it was a therapeutic stress reliever and a necessity to burn off the freshman fluff. However, as the stresses of college and discovering the world alone in a brand new state crept up, my running became less and less frequent. Before I knew it, my physical and mental health suffered significantly though it wasn’t immediately apparent why. Finally coming to terms with this, I jumped right back into running (as difficult as it was to start at square one) and lo and behold, I was getting back on track. Prioritizing my physical health was the key to getting all the pieces to come together again. Whatever struggles I faced in my 20s, running always proved to center me and be my best form of therapy.

By my mid 20s, my running was constant and though I identified myself as a runner, I realized I had never run a race (no, I’m not going to count the grade-school jog-a-thon). I knew what my next step was….

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Shannon, Beginner Runner