After the completion of that first running event, and discovering all the added benefits of confidence and concentration, I wanted to take on more! I wanted to simultaneously share this amazing gift with everyone I knew. I was surprised at the feeling of satisfaction and improvement to my life, and I made it my mission to get as many people to discover this secret as possible!

I started by talking to friends, family and co-workers about it constantly. It was amazing to me how many people had never considered a running event, simply because they don’t define themselves as “runners”. In my mind, if you can run any amount of distance, for any period of time, you are a runner. You can run for 10 minutes and be a runner! This elitist attitude tied to the word runner seemed ridiculous to me. Anyone can be a runner, in my opinion. Now, some are more serious than others, but you will always find someone better and someone worse at everything you try to do. So why worry about that?

I signed up for a 10K and a 5K right away after the half marathon and found that very thing out. There are all sorts of types of runners, and there are runs out there that are more fun (in my opinion) than others. There is one common denominator though – all running events, all runners. All active participants, all motivated to achieve a goal. I felt privileged to be part of this team of people.

Well, now I was a runner. But I started asking myself what type of runner I was and how to get better at it…

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