Commit to Serious Running

serious-sunningI decided I wanted to start doing some more serious running and train for this full marathon coming up in another 6 months. I had the basics down at this point, and the motivation, and had learned a lot about what not to do, and why certain training tips were important. What I didn’t know, is how much and how LONG each of my runs were going to be!

My shortest run was anywhere from 4-5 miles, and my long runs were 10-14 miles! These were on a regular basis! I decided to make the best of it, and really use that time to sort out the daily problems, the stress, and figuring out solutions.

About halfway through my training, I began understand why people would say running is 90% mental. It really takes some effort to keep your mind active while running such long distances, and each move really counts to get your body able to run that way. For example, if I had a soda one day, it really affected how I felt during my 14 mile run, and wasn’t able to run as fast, and wouldn’t feel as great.

I invested in the following to aid my training efforts:

1. Protein Powder
2. Upgraded running shoe insoles
3. Unsalted mixed nuts
4. Plastic wrap (for ice wraps)
5. Weights

Stretching became part of my morning and evening routines, and though the training was the most difficult I have ever gone through in my life, it was incredible for my mood, my physical shape, and my sense of accomplishment.

I trained religiously like this for the next 6 months, and rarely missed a workout. I trained on treadmills, outside, at the gym – wherever I had to.

Before I knew it, race day was upon me, and my entire family came out to see me. Nobody in my family had ever dreamed I would be able to do something like this, and everyone was so proud of me. It was truly the best feeling I have ever had.