Do I have to be a great runner?
Pssshaw, no way. This is a simple event. 50% of our participants either walk or jog the entire thing. Most people slow way down and walk/dance thru the Glow Zones anyways, so you have plenty of time to dance and catch your breath. There’s also a water stop along the way. People of all ages and condition can easily complete this course- and have a BLAST while doing it! We’ve even had people do the entire thing on CRUTCHES!

What do I get?

  • Entry into the Brightest Night Time Running Event Ever!
  • Donation to our chosen Charity Partner
  • Runner’s Bib to hang on your wall after you’re covered in NEON!
  • Limited Edition T-Shirt to show off to your friends!
  • Covered with different colors of Neon in multiple zones!
  • Entry to the Huge After Glow Party!
  • Bragging rights & as many tagged photos you can upload as you want!

What should I wear?
All runners MUST wear a solid white t-shirt or their given Participant Shirt. Teams, feel free to decorate your shirt as well! We encourage all runners to wear outfits or costumes consisting of: glow-in-the-dark or LED items (bracelets, necklaces, flashers, el-wire, etc), long socks, fluorescent colors, accessories, etc. Feel free to throw on some fluorescent body paint for added fun!

Do I need a change of clothes?
You may want to have some extra clothes or a towel handy if you’re worried about it. However, we think you car could use a little extra NEON anyways!

What is the Neon?
Depending on the city and time of year, we’ll be covering you with Neon powder or water. It’s our own specially formulated mixture that is safe, non-toxic, biodegradable, and gluten free (seriously!) NO, it is NOT the same stuff inside of snap-glow sticks! Our Neon only glows when illuminated by our industrial strength blacklights, and does not continue glowing outside of those lights. Don’t worry, we make sure to provide PLENTY of lights in the zones and the entire After Dash Bash for you to snap as many new ‘profile pics’ as you want!

Do you really glow like all these pictures on your site?
YES YOU DO! We don’t Photoshop or re-touch ANY of the pictures on our site!

What if I get it in my eyes or mouth?
It probably won’t taste great, but it won’t hurt you or your eyes. However, we advise you to avoid getting it if you can. Our volunteers are instructed to aim low as well. There’s paramedics on site, as well as a water stops and restrooms if you need to wash your face. If you’re worried about it, many runners wear goggles or sunglasses, that’s ok too. The majority don’t.

Will it wash out of my hair?
No. The Neon permanently stains your hair. You’ll have to shave your head or attempt to dye it a new color. Just kidding! Yes, it washes out easily with shampoo & hot water. If you’re really worried about it, you can oil your hair ahead of time, or apply a leave-in conditioner and that’ll work as well. However, no one has ever had an issue with it coming out of their hair either way.

Does it wash off my skin easily?
Yes. Soap and hot water when you get home will do the trick easily (you DO take showers, right?).

Will it stain my clothes?
It really depends on the fabric. We’ve had some fabrics wash 100% clean with no trace whatsoever. Others have stained a little bit. We recommend wearing only clothing that you don’t mind having some long term memories on them.

Can my family watch?
Sure. Spectators are more than welcome to attend the event. However, we have to warn you that once they see what you’re going to look like afterwards, they’ll REALLY wish they were a part of it as well! We promise it’s a lot more fun with your friends/family getting covered in Neon!

Do You Offer Team or Large Group Discounts?
No, we do not. However, you can RUN FOR FREE by signing up 5+ people on your team! Read about it HERE.

Can Teams Decorate a Shirt?
ABSOLUTELY! Please do! Decorate it, write on it- GET CREATIVE! Just make sure that it’s mainly solid white in color, or the really cool Neon Glow won’t be as bright! There’s no difference between a Team and Single Entry.

Can We Wear our Participant Shirt during the Event & Run in it?
YES! It’s specifically designed to LOOK COOL under the blacklights!

Can I bring my kids?
YES! We are a family friendly event- Kids LOVE us!

How much are kids entries?
Children 5 and under are FREE! Children 6 to Adult must buy a regular priced ticket.

Is there a minimum age requirement?
No. Anyone can participate, as long as they don’t mind getting covered with Neon! Children 5 and Under can participate FOR FREE, although they will not receive a bib, t-shirt or other items a paying participant receives. Children 6 and over must register and pay just as everyone else, and WILL receive a bib, shirt, etc. Keep in mind that there will be a course time limit of 1.5 hrs, and that families/children will be asked to start at the back of the pack to allow the serious runners to go first. This is a great opportunity for families of all ages to participate!

Can I bring my Stroller?
Yes! Remember that you will be sprayed with Neon, and risk staining your stroller’s fabric. We suggest leaving the Bob and Bugaboo at home, and picking up a cheap umbrella stroller instead, just in case. PLEASE decorate your stroller with LED Flashing Lights, Glow Bracelets/necklaces, etc. Not only will it provide added safety for you and other runners, but it LOOKS SOO COOL!

Can I bring my dog?
No. Our Insurance won’t allow anything with more than 2 legs or a tail at the Event.

Can I take pictures or video?
Only if you PROMISE to post the results on our Facebook Page and share them with the world! Realize that you may want to turn off the flash and play with the settings as it’s a little more difficult to get good shots under blacklights.

Do you donate to charity?
Yes, absolutely. We believe firmly in giving back to our communities. We wouldn’t be able to put this event together if it wasn’t for the help of our chosen Charity Partners, and we sincerely appreciate them! Donating back to them is the least we can do. CLICK HERE to see our previous Charity Beneficiaries!

Is this a timed run?
No. This is a Fun Run style event, so no there’s no need to try to compete for times. Additionally, there’s typically bottle necks around the Glow Zones so you can’t compare your time to any other timed events. Just kick back and enjoy the run!

Are there Gated or Wave Starts?
Yes. Each location may be slightly different. However, generally we’ll ask for the serious runners to start FIRST in the starting gate, followed by the Joggers/Run-Walkers, and then we’ll ask for any walkers, large teams, families, children and strollers to move to the back of the starting gate. Depending on the size and venue, we may invoke wave starts as well.

Is this a rave?
Absolutely not. This is the COOLEST Event you’ve ever experienced!

What kind of music is going to be played?
We bring in the top DJs to pump all the jams you love, from the 80′s to today’s top hits. Anything you can sing and dance to is what we’re after.

I am unable to attend the event, can I still get my stuff?
We are so sorry you weren’t able to join us for the event of the year! You have two options, you can forfeit your race packet OR a friend may pick up your goodies for you as long as they have your ticket and a signed waiver!

Can I mail in my entry?
No. This is the 21st Century, time to indulge in the internet for all it’s glory. Go on, hit the locations page, choose your city, and then the Register Now button at the top, and see what you’ve been missing! OK seriously, we’d rather focus our man power on bringing you the BEST entertainment and running event you’ve ever experienced, than manually processing mail in forms/receipts/checks, etc. Thank you for understanding.

Can I get a refund?
Sorry, no refunds are allowed for any reason. No Exceptions.

Can I transfer my registration?
Yes. When you register, you must create an account (on pulsemob.com). You can login to that account and change the name of the participant to whoever you wish. Make sure you update your t-shirt size and Emergency Contact info as well.

How do packet pick-ups work?
Simple- show up with your bar-coded ticket & signed waiver and we’ll give you your t-shirt, bib and swag! You can pickup for a group or others as well, just as long as you have THEIR signed waiver and bar-coded ticket with you!