Keeping it Fresh & Fun with Technology

find-your-strong1I’ll be honest with you. Even though I’ve been running for years and I do absolutely love it for the adrenaline rush, the increased self-confidence, the overall fitness, mental health benefits, and so on… I do get bored and need to keep it new and exciting. That’s why I want to share some of the ways I reinvigorate my running through the wonders of technology.

As much as I try, I’m just not the type to log miles and miles in the open air without my favorite tunes or an occasional motivational push from an update on my average pace per mile. Realistically, not every runner has the luxury of leaping like a gazelle through the fresh spring meadows or the serene beach paths taking in sights and aromas of Mother Nature in all her glory. Most of us live in the slightly less tranquil cities and suburbs where the options tend to include hot, sweaty gymnasiums, high school tracks or sidewalks bordering busy streets during rush hour. Time isn’t something most people have an abundance of while trying to balance all the priorities and curve balls life throws us so we do the best we can, right? SO, for me that means I need to focus a little less on my environment sometimes, a little more on initiating that pumped up “Eye of the Tiger” feeling and more on making each mile faster or better than the last.

My favorite 5 ways of accomplishing these goals are:

1) Nike+ App – This App is phenomenal. It tracks my run through my iPhone (that I always wear on my armband), plays customized playlists through iTunes, tracks my total run time with splits for each mile (so I know I’m on track or that I need to change the pace), links to Facebook so I can post my run before or after I start to get motivation by friends liking my post (which I hear as a cheer WHILE I’m running) and I get positive comments on the post afterward, can be set for a distance goal (it pumps you up as you reach halfway milestones and toward the finish so you give it that extra push and know you’re almost there), keeps a history of all your runs with all kinds of awesome, useful stats, encourages you to set goals, and SO MUCH MORE!!! I can’t say enough about it. Check it out at Nike Plus App and have your mind blown. Seriously.

2) MyFitnessPal – This App/Website is probably the very best and easiest way that I have found to keep track of your diet, nutrition and exercise while providing safe, realistic guidance on how to attain your goals of weight loss/gain/maintenance. You can even see friends’ progress and food diaries if you choose to as a support tool and the BEST feature, in my opinion: you can search the food database for ACTUAL items found in your favorite restaurants, stores, drive thrus or own personal cooking creations adapted in every way imaginable. This tool KEEPS YOU HONEST if you use it as intended. Try it. You won’t regret it! Check it out here: My Fitness Pal

3) MapMyRun – So you want to switch it up and get in that run around the block no matter where you are, take a different route today or finally find out how long that old route really is? This site does this and more. You can find out elevation stats, share your route with friends AND it links with MyFitnessPal so you can ACCURATELY track every aspect of your health and fitness. What’s the point if it’s not accurate and you can’t customize it JUST for you? Get after it here: Map My Run

4) RockMyRun – So you want your own personal DJ jamming tunes to your workout? DONE. This is it. This FREE App has loads of mixes designed specially to your mood, taste, length of run, pace (beats per minute), type of lyrics… search any artist or genre. It’s GENIUS. You will never get bored or lose that enthusiasm you need to get and keep MOVING. Rock your world here: Rock My Run

5) ShoeDog – So I’m a little biased since Road Runner Sports is my favorite running gear store, BUT they earn a bunch more points in my book for offering a unique and fun tool that can drastically improve your running by understanding HOW you run. You just jump on their in-store treadmill for a few minutes while hooked up to a computer to determine how your foot lands, what type of arch you have, etc. to get the PERFECTLY fitted shoe for YOU. 75% of training if INJURY PREVENTION and having the right gear will go a long way in achieving this. Running comfortably and safe is underrated. Learn about making your feet happy here: Shoe Dog

Checking out any or all of these tools is WELL worth your time! I am so excited to share them with you. Run better and happier TODAY!!!

Want to start your running journey? It’s easy!


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Shannon, Enthusiastic Racer