April 19th, 2014

Salt River Fields

7555 N Pima Rd
Scottsdale, AZ 85258

Gates Open: 6:00pm
Race Starts: 8:00pm

Ready for a bright and exciting Saturday night? Look no further! The Neon Dash is finally coming to your city!  Neon Dash is a 5K fun walk/run for all ages no matter your athletic level!  There is something for everyone here.  The walk/run starts at dusk with a neon glimmer inviting thousands of walkers, runners, joggers and dancers to make their way through FOUR Super Intense Ultra-Violet Neon color zones.  As darkness falls, the light just gets brighter, the fun more funner, and the awesome memories more vivid, we promise!

If you still have energy left to burn, the After Dash Bash is THE place to be.  The music, performers and participants covered in Neon- will all be dancing the night away! Don’t forget to swing by the photo booth so you can snag the ultimate glowing Facebook Profile Picture.  You know you have to!

Exercising has never looked or felt this good!

We dare you to not have a good time! At Neon Dash it is our philosophy to live each day to the fullest, to inspire change in ourselves and others, live bright in each moment, and strengthen bonds between family and friends.  We believe anyone can make a change, no matter how big or small, no matter where the starting point, it all begins with a first step, why not make it a bright one?

We only have 2 rules-

  1. All Participants MUST Wear a Solid White T-Shirt, Decorated Team Shirt, or given Participant Shirt during the Race
  2. All Participants MUST have a great time – NO EXCEPTIONS!

Bright step starts here.  Click to join the fun!


  • Entry into the Brightest Night Time Running Event!
  • Donation to our chosen Charity Partner
  • Runner’s Bib to hang on your wall after you’ve been sprayed with Glow Water!
  • Limited Edition T-Shirt to show off to your friends!
  • Covered with Different Colors of Neon at Multiple Zones!
  • Exclusive Neon Dash Headband!
  • Entry to the Huge After Dash Bash!
  • The MOST FUN You can have in the Dark!


Sports Authority

Sports Authority
9009 E Indian Bend Rd
Scottsdale, AZ 85258
Thursday, April 17th, 2014:  3:00pm to 8:00pm
Friday, April 18th, 2014: 9:00am to 2:00pm

Packet uick-up allows yJu to quickly snag all of your goodies before the big night. Think of it as V.I.P. Access on Black Friday! Stop in, snag your swag, dance to some music, and you’re outta there!

Now you can arrive in style at the Big Night, already decked out in your gear! Try not to laugh at everyone who’s standing in line waiting for theirs! We’d love to see you early, so we HIGHLY ENCOURAGE you to attend! Here’s the best part- it’s open to everyone FREE OF CHARGE!

*NOTE – Anyone picking up Goodies MUST bring their BAR-CODED TICKET & SIGNED WAIVER with them. Your ticket was emailed to you when you made your purchase, and the waiver is in the last page of the Event Packet. YES, you can pickup other friends’ Goodies as well- as long as you bring their TICKET & SIGNED WAIVER


For those of you smart enough to attend Packet Pickup- there’s nothing for you to do when you arrive! Kick back, visit the sponsors, dance to the music, and enjoy all the people-watching glory you want! Just make sure you give yourself enough time for parking & to get to the Start Line!

For the rest of you- PLAN AHEAD & GET THERE EARLY! Since this is the COOLEST event around, lines can be quite long! Once you park, make your way to the Check-In Tent to grab your Goodies! You’ll probably have to walk back to your car to change into your participant shirt/gear and leave your belongings (no, we don’t have a Bag Check!) If, by slim chance we’re not SOLD OUT, you can even purchase tickets at the Registration Tent.

6:00pm – Gates Open to Public, Registration Opens
7:45pm – Participants to Start Line
8:00pm – Race Starts (New Wave every 5min), Registration Closes, After Glow Party!
8:30pm – Start Line Closes
10:30pm – Go home, unless you want to help us clean!


Price Increase Individual Entry
Starts 6/26 $30
Starts 8/16 $35
Starts 10/18 $40
Starts 12/20 $45
Starts 2/21 $50
Starts 4/4 $55
Starts 4/17 $55

*Processing fees not included



Course Map


Are you considering volunteering with us at this event? We’re always looking for assertive, hard working volunteers to assist in all the fun! It takes a TON of work to put together a successful event, and we can’t do it without YOU! Simply fill out the form below, and we’ll contact you prior to the Event to sign you up! All Volunteers MUST BE at least 16 years of age or older- NO EXCEPTIONS.


Breast Cancer Society

The Breast Cancer Society – based in Mesa, Arizona – is one of the few national breast cancer charities in the U.S. with a primary focus on providing direct help and assistance to those suffering from breast cancer.

While research and education are both vital, and are funded by The Breast Cancer Society, thousands of victims of breast cancer each year need not only information and the hope for an eventual cure, but also require direct assistance today so they and their families can meet the challenges of this disease. This is why TBCS and its supporters are so important. Why, with so much money being raised for breast cancer, is there still such a need for direct assistance to those with the disease?

The vast majority of money raised for breast cancer causes are spent to fund research. While research is a worthy and very important cause (and is also supported by TBCS), there exists a more pressing need for women battling breast cancer today – women for whom tomorrow’s cure may be too far away. These women need help now – not to find a cure, but to win their current battle with breast cancer. These individuals cannot wait for tomorrow’s discoveries to meet today’s needs.

Besides providing direct assistance, supplies, education, referral services, and in-home care to women in the U.S. battling breast cancer, The Breast Cancer Society operates an extensive program of procuring medicines, care items, and medical supplies that are sent around the world to our established and reputable program service partners in impoverished or developing countries. These service partners include nonprofit hospitals, clinics, missions, and rural physicians who offer the primary medical services for women in their areas who develop breast cancer.



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