My Running Journey: After the Race

I was obviously in some serious pain from the run for the next week or so afterward, which I totally expected. What I did not expect turned out to be the most eye-opening, greatest gift I ever gave myself. I ran over the details in my head after the race so many times that I started realizing the experience I just went through was so much more than just a one day experience. More than a one week reflection. I had done something I never thought I’d be capable of doing. I impressed my family, my friends and my boyfriend, but most importantly, I impressed myself.

I set a goal for myself that was so out of reach for me for so many years and I actually achieved it! That in itself was amazing, but I suddenly realized that I could apply this toward more than just running. I could apply this to work, to my family, my friends, my whole life! I started beginning to ask myself questions like “What else can I do?” and telling myself “If I can do this, I can do anything!”

My work started improving, my concentration was better and my mood was better. Interesting. I started testing this whole exercise concept and went out for a jog a couple times and noticed I was not as hungry on a regular basis, and I was a lot better at dealing with life’s little day to day nonsenses. All of a sudden things started making sense on a bigger scale and I was taking on more things with more grace!

I felt I was onto a huge life change and was for the first time in my life ready to take on the challenge.

Check in tomorrow for: Challenge-Seeking