10 Practical Tips To Help You Save Money Every. Single. Day.


10 Practical Tips To Help You Save Money Every Single Day

In most cases, saving money requires sacrifices. Making sacrifices is not an easy task for everyone that’s why saving remains hard for most people. Instead of giving up on the things you like, you can as well substitute them for cheaper options. In this article, we will look at some of the most practical tips of saving money on daily basis. They may not work for everyone but you cannot manage to disregard all of them because they are easy to follow.

1. Shopping for Bottled Water

We all need bottled water during the day as we visit places. This should not consume a lot of your hard earned money because you can use filters to clean tap water. If you cannot purify water at home and carry it, it is advisable to buy a whole pack at wholesale price. This will save you money instead of buying in small quantities.

2. Drinking Coffee

Instead of just taking expensive beverages at restaurants, you can decide to frequently take coffee and it will save you a lot of money each year.

3. Talking to an Insurance Company

My wife and I were living in Florida. We decided to move to a new location thus changing addresses. The new location was close to our workplace so we did not need to drive to work. Walking to work became our new daily routine. We informed our car insurance company. Surprisingly, our bill was reduced by more than $300 a year.

4. Go Online for a Pair of Glasses

With health insurance, you can get money to buy glasses or free eye check up. You can save a lot if you avoid buying glasses at traditional mall-based centers. Go for online stores where you will save a lot due to reduced prices of items.

5. See a Matinee

The price of box offices has significantly increased in the U.S. To save money at movies, make a point of attending a show in the morning. For unattractive showtimes, most theaters have an offer. Take advantage of such cheap deals.

6. Avail Groupon

Online deals can also save you a lot of money. Groupon has amazing deals for haircuts, activities, oil changes among other services, and restaurant. When buying a meal, go for the one with an offer.

7. Buying Cheaper Gas

There are different brands offering the same services. For instance, a certain brand of gas may offer a service at a higher price than another just because it is popular. Always go for the cheap options for the same quality of services despite the brand.

8. Rotate the Streaming Services

Only join services that you can freely join and quit at your pleasure. Some of these online services include Hulu, Netflix, and WWE network among other secondary streaming services. You can alternate such services and save a lot in a month.

9. Look for Wine that goes for less than $10

With increased competition nowadays, you get cheap quality wine. Read the bottle for signs and check on recommendations. Also, check on rating and reviews to determine the best option. At some point, you may need to experiment.

10. Check out transportation evolved

Consider riding a bicycle to work. You can as well use scooters, skateboards, or walk to work. Check out TransportationEvolved website to learn more about electric skateboards that can serve as a cheap transportation option.

Most probably, you were spending a lot on some of the things that I have talked about. With the above tips, you will save a significant amount of money by the end of the year. This will help you raise your financial status.