5 tips on how to choose the best flower boutique


Every bride desires for her wedding to be perfect from the dress, food, music and also the decor. Although some parts are pretty easy to plan such as music, and food, the flower part has brought about serious problems especially for some flower delivery person since it is not easy to craft these flowers and arrange them according to the bride’s taste and needs.

But to save your time and ensure that you get the best flower boutique for your wedding here are some tips to guide you.

1. Go for the expert

There are two types of people who deal with a flower arrangement in this industry. There are a florist and the flower designer. A florist is a person who sells flowers, but they also arrange them depending on their clients’ requirement. A floral designer is a person who has studied the art of arranging the flowers into different designs. Such a person does not sell flowers, and they usually buy them from a florist, but they are the best to work with. Why? A designer has all knowledge regarding flower arrangement, and if you have a unique design in mind that you want your flowers to be arranged in, it would be much easier for a designer to come up with the plan as compared to the florist. They may be a bit expensive but are the best to work with.

2. Ask for referrals

If you have never been involved before in any wedding planning, the chances are that you don’t know anyone who deals with a flower arrangement. To make your work easy and ensure you get the best flowers for your big day, Ask for the reference from the people close to you. This can be a family member who had a wedding or friends who got married before you. Asking for help from a person who is close to you will help you get the best person to work with and save you a lot of time.

3. Provide pictorial samples to the florist

It is quite easy for the florist to understand what you want and how you want the flowers to be arranged by viewing an image than imagining. Therefore do research on the internet about the different flower arrangement, check on the magazines and also attend various wedding to get some pictures. Once you meet with the florist present the images of the kind of floral arrangement, you want to be done for your wedding.

4. Have a budget

Before you go crazy looking for different and extravagance wedding flower arrangements, you need first to figure out if you will be able to afford them. Flower arrangements are charged according to the design and the number of flowers to be used. So the harder the model, the more charges it will cost you and the case goes for the number of flowers. So as you research for different models, make sure you look for varieties such that you will still get a design according to your taste and within your budget.

5. Other flower extras you need

Working with a florist who knows all about a wedding flower arrangement is quite convenient for you. Therefore know what else you need from a florist apart from your boutique and flower centerpieces. Do you need petals at the aisle or the reception? This will help you choose a florist company that can provide all these services. If you don’t know anyone who can deliver all the services search for Florist Upper East Side and see the kind of services they provide and if they will be able to provide excellent services as per your needs.

The process of wedding planning is not easy especially on getting the best flowers for your wedding, use the above tips to help in ensuring that you have had a perfect day and also the flowers are delivered to your expectations. Work with someone who is experienced and has an excellent taste about flowers too.