In this list, I’m going to outline 5 whacky products that you didn’t know you can use for employment purposes. Certain types of drinks, shampoos, capsules, and urine can all help you keep your job or get hired.So without further ado, here are five products you can use for employment purposes.

1. Rapid Choice Spit Clean

If you need to pass a saliva test, Rapid Choice Spit Clean is the right choice for you. This product contains several minerals such as sodium,magnesium, and potassium. These minerals work as a cleaning agent inside your mouth. Rapid Choice Spit Clean will leave substance residue in your mouth undetectable similar to a mouthwash. Also, it is recommended that you don’t smoke,eat, or drink for four hours before using it.

2. One Hour Cherry Detox Drink

The One Hour Cherry Detox is a drink that works as a body cleanser. If you are moderate cannabis smoker that needs a quick detox for a drug test, this drink will fulfill your needs. This drink contains Vitamin B, which helps change your urine to a cleaner color after drinking water. Also, for the best results, you should not smoke weed 2 days prior to drinking this product.

3. Synthetic Urine

If you are a person that smokes weed or indulges in other drugs,using synthetic urine is an effective way to pass a drug test. In 2017, passing off synthetic urine as real has become harder due to advancements in technology and stricter supervision from employers. On key thing you need to look at when deciding whether you want to use fake urine or not is the following: Is your drug test supervised or unsupervised? If your drug test is supervised it will be harder to pull off this method. It is best to use a fake penis or urinator when you are being watched by an employer. Also, it is essential that you use the [best synthetic urine]( on your drug test. Sub-Solution is a reliable brand of synthetic urine that will ensure that you pass your drug test and get the job you want. Using cheaper off brands are less reliable since drug companies can detect fake pee easier now.

4. Rapid Clear Emergency Detox Capsules

This product contains high amounts of B vitamins. B vitamins will give your pee a yellow color. The Rapid Clear Emergency Detox Capsules also contain dandelion and burdock root, which are herbal supplements. Herbal supplements are efficient detoxifying agents for the body.These capsules should be taken with 36 bounces of water. Also, the effects of the detox pills can last up to five hours after taking them.

5. Rapid Clear Detox Shampoo

If you need to pass a hair follicle test for employment purposes, Rapid Clear Detox Shampoo is the right product for you. This shampoo has powerful detergents that thoroughly cleanse your cuticle of the presence of THC.Hair follicle test labs check for the presence of THC in your hair within a 90 day span,but this product gives you the best possible chance of passing the test.

In conclusion,all five of these products are whacky,but effective for those seeking work or needing work.These products all fit a number of purposes depending on what you need. So if you’re ever in an emergency these 5 whacky products will bail you out.