6 reasons why you should consider remote support


Following the work at home trend, many computer technicians and companies are beginning to provide customer support from their offices and even their homes. When you consider benefits such as reduced overhead costs, increased hours chargeable to the customer, larger service area and providing remote maintenance, it only makes sense.

1. Billable Time

Getting to and from a customer’s office takes time and also causes wear and tear on your vehicle. You cannot always bill the customer for this time. Some will charge a flat fee for just showing up, to cover travel time, however this charge often does not fully cover the travel time. If appointments are far from each other you can spend many hours a day traveling and not billing customers which is lost time. Providing support from your office allows a technician to support more clients both on a remote basis as well as those that come into the office.

2. Overhead Costs and Profit

Every business has overhead costs. There is the building your office is in and all of the equipment that you need to do your job. While out on the road, there is the cost of the car, fuel etc. If your company can provide support remotely, you will be able to make more efficient use of the office and the equipment, while lowering the cost of your vehicle and reducing non billable hours. Technicians can focus on providing more time on repairs, support and keeping up to date with changes in the industry. A clear win for everyone.

3. Customer Response Time

Customers need their computer resources to be working. In many cases if they are out of commission, the business cannot run either. They do not like to wait even an hour while a technician responds and comes to their office. Providing local IT support to customers in Essex remotely allows the technician to deal with whatever the technical problem is almost immediately. Customers appreciate being able to get support quickly! In many cases, the customer is back in service before a technician could even arrive on site!

4. Access to Google and Colleagues

Clients pay a lot of money for computer support and they expect the best technicians to be working on their problems. They really do not want to observe your technician doing research on how to fix the issue while on site at the client’s premises. Technicians providing support from your office can place the client on hold for a short period while they confer with a colleague or check something online using google.

5. Service Area

Your service area is limited by how far it is reasonable to drive to get to a client’s office. Once you begin providing support from your office, your company can cover a much larger area. Your limits can be time zones and country of origin. This presents a huge opportunity to grow your business.

6. Remote Maintenance

Remote maintenance contracts are much easier to service. For example, alarms can be sent to your technicians and they can respond immediately sometimes before the customer even notices. Regular maintenance checks can be accomplished remotely. Software updates, checking hardware status and confirming that the client’s systems are running properly can all be accomplished from your remote location.

It is a win – win for the customer as well as your business.