Do you plan to purchase an adjustable height desk, but you have no idea where to start? Well, whether you want to purchase an adjustable desk for health reasons or ergonomic reasons, this article will help you.

Electric Sit Stand Desks

These are among the most popular desks on the market. As a user, you are free to move sitting position to stand by just touching a button, mostly in 10-120 seconds. Even though they are viewed as most expensive, they will allow you to easily switch positions all day long, and they are large to hold all of the desktop contents. You should understand that operating this desk will force you to have power at the workstation, and since it is electrically adjustable, components breakdown with time is a possibility.

Standing only Desks

The desks can be found in different finish options and may be selected to completely fit your height—this may be determined easily by the standing height capacity. You should ensure you pick the right desk and avoid standing the whole day since such might lead to different health risks. You can use ergonomic tools with your desk to allow switching off between sitting and standing throughout the day. However, you can place a standing desk converter on top of your desk to add the extra stuff—such as keyboard, mouse, and laptop—while adjusting it to the height you desire.

Manual Crank Sit Stand Desks

These kinds of desks can be adjusted to the height you desire. They are good options for people who cannot have access to power at their workstation or have concerns over the possibility of electrical components breaking with time.

Because it has heavy capacity of lifting, you will not be forced to limit what to always keep within reach of your arms. Even though the crank desk has many advantages, you should understand that you would need elbow grease for effective operation. Many manual desks will need 6-8 cranks of every one-inch of adjustment of height, and many users need 10-14 inches of adjustments moving from the position of sitting to that of standing.

However, the counterbalance sit desks can be adjusted manually, but they are weight activated and will move easily from position of sitting to that of standing in a matter of seconds with the use of a simple lever. The desks will give you a reasonable work surface amount. However, since they are medium/light, they have light capacity load compared to the crank desks.

Gas Adjustable Height Desks

The desk size will allow you move around easily and with casters use, they can be used as mobile workstation. You may also use the desks as adds on for your workstation when you set them up and use them alongside your current desk. Such desk types are ideal for apartments, manufacturing facilities, and hospitals. However, since they are small, they do not have the workstation surface. They also have a smaller capacity of lifting compared to crack or electric desks.

In sum, there are numerous standing desks in the market. You should consider major things you should when making your decision: power availability, weight capacity, budget, space, and ease of moving between sitting and standing. No matter the height of desk you decide to select, you are going to boost your productivity and enjoy enormous health benefits.