How to find the best trimmer for beards


Having a beard doesn’t mean you need to look like a caveman. In fact, a well-maintained beard can make a man look even more stylish and handsome than a man without a beard. Keeping your beard maintained means two things: keeping it clean and giving it a regular trim. But it’s the trimming part that most men (especially first-time beard growers) struggle with the most. Just how is the beard supposed to be trimmed and what is the best tool for the job?

First, it is possible to trim your beard with a simple pair of scissors or clippers. But it’s not recommended because those tools aren’t designed to trim beards. Your face and neck have a lot of contour to them, so you need something that can easily navigate those contours. Enter the beard trimmer, it’s designed to keep your beard looking great.

Beard Trimmer vs Electric Shaver

Why not just use an electric shaver? The problem with shavers is that they are meant to cut all your facial hair. If you try to use an electric shaver on your beard, there’s a good chance you won’t have a beard left when you’re finished. Leave the electric shavers for those who want a clean-shaven face.

What To Look For In A Beard Trimmer

Not all beard trimmers are created equal. Here are a few things to consider when shopping for a [top trimmer for beard](

1. Battery or plug-in

While a trimmer that needs to be plugged in seems like a good idea because you never have to worry about the battery going dead, it can be a big hassle to keep the cord out of the way while you shave. Using a rechargeable trimmer solves this problem. Further, if you keep your trimmer on the charger while not using it, you’ll always have a full charge when you need to trim your beard.

2. With or without accessories

Unless you want to keep your beard at the same length all the time, spend a few extra bucks and get a trimmer that comes with some accessories. Some of these accessories include detachable variable width blades and removable guards. There are tons of other accessories as well, which allows you to do some very precision trimming to get the exact look you want.

3. Self-sharpening blades

Try to find a beard trimmer with self-sharpening blades. While they won’t last forever, they will last much longer than standard blades. Either way, find a trimmer with blades that are easily removable so you can change them when the blades get dull. Always keep a spare set of blades with you.

Buy A Trimmer Based On Quality

A good beard trimmer is a tool that should last you many, many years. If you buy one because it’s cheap, expect to replace it after only a few years. Stick with well-known brands that have a reputation for quality, like Norelco, Braun, and Panasonic.

Remember that your face is your identity. It’s the first thing people see when meeting you and it’s how they will remember you by. Take care of your beard properly with a good trimmer and you’ll leave a good impression, each and every time.