How to Hire an SEO Firm


Today, SEO strategies are important if you want your website to have good ranking in search engines. Considering that SEO is not a one size fits all, you ought to hire an expert who knows that their doing.

Here are a few tips when finding and hiring an SEO company:

Understand some SEO yourself

For you to tell the kind of person to look out for, you ought to understand SEO basics first. Your website is your business and if anything goes wrong, you can only blame yourself. Find a beginner’s guide and read it. Understand what links are and why they matter. Know the difference between good and bad links. Understand what quality SEO content means and why it matters.

Get someone who has experience with your kind of website

Find someone who understands your space and will help you rank it competitively. If you want to target the local market, then you do not need to get an expert who runs international websites. Also, consider the services you are offering. Avoid hiring an expert who is working on a competitor’s website as he or she may be unable to serve two masters at a go.

Understand the difference between an agency and a consultant

Many are the times when individuals hire the wrong type of provider. Hope this will make the two concepts clearer:

An agency brings together many employees such as account managers, writers, strategists and

many more. Usually, agents have channel specialists such as pay per click and SEO teams to implement these strategies. The kind that’s right for you depends on the capability of your business.

On the other hand, a solo SEO consultant usually works independently. Their services are majorly strategy implementation and recommendations to enable their businesses to raise their organic traffic. Some consultants may implement the recommended strategies while other may not.

Ask the right questions

Now that you know a few things about SEO and chosen the kind of SEO expert to hire, it is time you started speaking to the potential providers. The biggest mistake that clients make is attempting to hire an expert who is not a fit for their firm. The agency or consultant may be the best in the world, but if they do not match your business’s goals, they will not be of much help. For instance, a lawyer should look for a company that specializes in law firm search engine optimization. Here are some questions you should ask:

What communication channel will we use?

How frequently will you communicate on the progress of the work?

Will you implement the strategy?

What are your rates and how do you bill?

Ask for referrals

If you know someone who has hired an SEO expert previously, ask them to recommend a qualified person. Once you get a referral, contact them via email or telephone first. Once you receive correspondence, remember to ask about their qualifications, experience and knowledge on your niche area. If you do not know anyone, try checking reviews on the client’s websites from the previous clients.