Hot tubs are a perfect solution for those who want to experience fun and relaxation without having to go through the expense of installation. Built-in spas are hard and expensive to install. They are also difficult to move around the home. However, most people opt to have an inflatable hot tub in the home since they bare convenient and easy to install.

Inflatable hot tubs give the same experience as inbuilt ones but can be easily moved to different places. There are several advancements being made when it comes to inflatable hot tubs. These are all to match the market needs. Here are the current trends when it comes to inflatable hot tubs.

1. Most manufacturers are making small inflatable hot tubs with a capacity of 4 to 6 people. People are not going for the big inflatable hot tubs as they are bulky and costly. Those who want to have spas in their home are getting smaller ones and manufacturers are producing small capacity spas.

2. Inflatable hot tubs are being made more affordable. Initially, people had to pay a lot of money to get hot tubs installed in their homes. However, with inflatable hot tubs, people can now purchase them easily since they are not as expensive as in-built hot tubs and do not have the complicated installation procedure seen in in-built hot tubs.

3. There are hot tubs being made that have a training platform on one end. These hot tubs are being made for the purpose of swimming and working out compared to the traditional rectangular hot tubs. Manufacturers are switching to multipurpose hot tubs instead of the traditional ones. These hot tubs are useful for those who want to practice their aerobic training and other forms of training. In large hot tubs, people can swim as well as use the hot tub.

These hot tubs are useful for gyms, spas and other fitness centers that offer aerobic training and swimming. The customers can do that and then get to relax in the hot tub afterwards.

4. Another trend in inflatable hot tubs is that they are being made more energy efficient. Manufacturers are adding energy efficient features in their hot tubs. In the era of rising energy costs, people are looking for hot tubs that have energy saving features and manufacturers have had to design theirs to cater for the demands of this market. Some of these features include lids that have added insulation to keep the water hot.

5. Also, there are self-diagnostic controls that help in monitoring and maintaining temperature levels. The controls help in preventing the hot tub from cooling.

6. To improve the appearance of the tubs, there are energy efficient LED lights that are used in the hot tub that make them aesthetically appealing. These lights can be used to set different moods and also illuminate drink holders and water jets.

The hot tub industry keeps growing. With the inflatable hot tubs in the market, many people are making purchases and the industry will continue evolving with manufacturers changing to adapt to these changes.