Swamp coolers are often referred to as evaporative coolers. You can find these coolers in a variety of sizes and shapes, and they are intended to aid in cooling your home. Many people who cannot have central air conditioning units or choose not use these systems turn towards the swamp cooler to keep their homes cool. There are many benefits for you to select a swamp cooler over the conventional air conditioning unit. Some of the reasons you would choose the swamp cooler are; they are more affordable, more energy efficient, and also friendlier to our ecosystem. There are other reasons for you to select a swamp cooler for your home.

Improved Health

Any unit that can improve your health is beneficial to your home. Swamp coolers are environmentally friendlier than the conventional air conditioning unit and are just as helpful to your health. The wet pads inside these units are capable of trapping airborne contaminants and improve your ability to breathe. When you have a swamp cooler installation you will experience less allergic attacks in your home.

Lower Installation Costs

Having a swamp cooler installed will cost you less than the conventional air conditioning unit. If for some reason your cooler unit fails to work, you will pay less to replace it than you would to replace an air conditioner.

Lower Operational Costs

Swamp coolers will cost you less to operate. Electricity is needed only to run the pump and the fan unit. These units are also easy and reasonable to maintain. The unit is working to cool your home through the evaporation of water. When the evaporation occurs, it is blown into the air as a cooling mist. This process will not work as well if your home has a lot of humidity. If you have a lot of humidity, it is suggested you use a dehumidifier or open windows to increase the efficiency of the swamp cooler.

Environmentally Friendly

The swamp cooler does not create harmful emissions into the environment. The natural process used by these units causes no damage to the ozone as it uses no toxic chemicals. When air leaves these evaporative cooler systems, it does not dry the air in your home, and it will not emit carbon monoxide. Systems that release large amounts of gas into the atmosphere are causing damage to the environment and to our health.

Fresh Airflow

One of the top reasons for you to choose a swamp cooler is to receive a steady flow of fresh air into your home. When you have the proper ventilation, you will be assured of breathing clean, un-recycled air through constant circulation. You will no longer breathe stagnant air; only fresh air that is bacteria free and free from fungal concentration. Providing fresh, clean air for yourself and your family is an important reason to use a swamp cooler.

Using a swamp cooler in your home means you have a unit that will run longer and require less output. You will create a bit more humidity in your house with no adverse effects on the environment. These units benefit your health and your family’s while running at noise levels you’ll barely notice. The time is right to install your swamp cooler and start a healthier living.