Building affordable housing is the only way to do it if you want to save, be environmental friendly, and still design your dream home. Hiring an architect is the wise thing to do while doing so. While planning an affordable and custom design for your urban residential home, research the various stock plans and designs available. Have something in mind already? That’s even better.

It’s easy to design your home or apartment if you live in the Sydney urban residential neighborhoods. Urban Design Sydney NSW  offers great plans and designs for your residential home. Whether you want to renovate or start new, it’s possible to have your dream home or start planning it before the new year. Renovating and construction spike during the beginning of the year, so it’s time to renovate, rebuild or build. The architectural designs for urban living come with a multitude of ideas.

Here are a few ideas to save money on architectural designs for urban living.

1. Size your home right

Some of the houses today are too big or too small. Is there any in between sizes that are perfectly made for families or couples? It’s good to have common sense in a design. Keeping your place small can save you money and keep you economically conscious. There’s less stuff when there’s less space. Plus, when the New Year begins, you might as well start throwing or donating all those extra “things” you may not need anymore. With a design plan to go smaller, but beautiful, it’ll keep you feeling economically fit for those who are on budgets.

2. Avoid complex projects

Saving money can mean to avoid all those extra projects which costs extra. There’s various exterior elements which an architect will find trending today. In the house planning and designing industry, they’ll come in such house exterior elements like the roof. The extraordinary roof lines and window treatment galore in the home designing and architecture magazines have plenty of images of this. It’s all for looks. You can’t save money this way. In fact, avoid any extra things which cause added structural elements to the overall design. It will take away from your interior designing endeavors. Mainly because the extra money is spent on exterior projects like carving your favorite fruit on the side of the house. You wouldn’t want to have an exterior design which may look like it it came out of a 3D Home Builder’s magazine. Keep it simple if you want to save. Structure and simplicity is key to saving money for your home design. In other words, if you have multi-level floors, you’ll add to the expense of building.

3. Detailed simple

It’s all on style but very important when it comes to money. With too many details in structure and design to a home, you’ll be able to lose money quickly.

– No wood casings

– Avoid crown moldings

– Use stones for the window sills

– One centerpiece to entrance of house is all you need

– Incorporate budget friendly floors such as concrete

– Avoid ornate building work

Having details which are expressive can still be simple. The design and construction process will still be of lesser quality. It will also keep it affordable.

4. The Bigger Picture

Architects are hired by homeowners to design and customize a livable home. One great thing about them is they look at the bigger picture. If you do the same, it will help you avoid many expenses which are unnecessary. They can see the bigger picture along with you (and then some) because of their past performance and experiences. Saving money on the long-run will keep you from overindulging. This can cost you many design issues and prevent other structural mistakes that can only add to expenses. Be practical when you communicate with your architect since they can teach you a thing or two from previous clients they’ve had. When you tell them upfront you are on a budget, they’ll understand. Besides, they’ll be able to work with you again in the future if all goes well and get paid.

5. Strategy and budgets

Being frugal matters when you want to save money. If you want to redo or build in the dining area, kitchen, or living room, there’s a higher degree of designing required. In comparison, the bathrooms and the bedrooms are more low-key. If you’re building on a budget, you wouldn’t want marble floors in there would you? Instead, you want the environmentally friendly tiles which you can use for your kitchen floors. The lighting in these places (i.e. living room, dining room, and kitchen) is easily accessible when you add fixtures. Budget-friendly fixtures are easily found at home improvement stores or online. When you splurge, splurge where the products are for multi-rooms, not just one. For example, you can buy the best custom paint for multi-rooms for your home.

Finally, when you’ve decided it’s time to renovate your home, rebuild, or build your home, architects are on your side. The designs they’ll come up with for you because they know you’re on a budget. It will speak volumes. You’ll have specific ideas which you may think are expensive, but they’re not. What you’ll find in magazines are different from what you’ll see online.