Shopping Guide for steam cleaners


Having a good steam cleaner makes your cleaning work easy. A suitable cleaner can help you clean your kitchen floors, carpets and windows. This multipurpose quality is what many people desire to get when they get out to look for a steam cleaner, but due to the wide array of cleaners in the market it gets confusing to know which best suits one’s needs. There are things you should consider when you are out to shop for a steam cleaner. If you are in the market for a new steam cleaner, here are some things you should know that could help you choose the most suitable cleaner.

Ease of use

User friendliness is something you need to consider when buying a steam cleaner. You should consider a cleaner that has fewer moving parts as this also helps in maintenance and ensures there are not many things that could get damaged. Get a machine with casters (wheels) and also light to allow mobility. There are few machines recommended by that you can check out that fit within this description.

Ease of use could be highlighted by a number of points including:

  • Quality accessory kit
  • Fast heat-up time
  • A pressure control handle
  • Steam pressure gauge
  • Continuous water refill

Reputation of manufacturer

Many residential steam cleaners are fairly new in the market and most of the companies don’t have enough reviews to help you know if they are reliable. Although there are many new companies that offer good quality steam cleaners, it helps to buy from a reputable manufacturer as this gives you assurance that what you are buying will serve you well.

Energy usage

Energy is among the bills you would like to cut and one of the ways you can cut your energy bills is to buy products that consume less energy. While searching for a steam cleaner, you should consider getting one that is rated well on energy consumption. Wattage varies from one machine to the other, with the most typical consumption ranging between 100 and 1800 watts, so depending on your energy saving needs, you could choose a value between those values.

Noise level

Noise is something many people don’t want especially while working on something that requires focus. If your intend to use the steam cleaner in a setup where there are offices or people who would like to enjoy a quiet environment, it is advisable to choose a machine that guarantees silence while in use.


Above all things, when you are not sure what to get for your cleaning needs, you should try to talk to people who have used a steam cleaner in the past. You can seek for advice from your friends to know which steam cleaner could best serve your needs.

Buying the right steam cleaner is the first step towards enjoying a seamless cleaning experience. You can easily find useful cleaners if you follow buying guidelines as outlined above, which will also help you choose a steam cleaner that will save you money. If you’re considering to get one of the best handheld portable steam cleaners you may want to check Choose depending on your preference, be it be the best quality, best selling or best on budget.