Whether you’re a seasoned pro, or just like to grab a few cold one’s with the fellas after work, finding the right cue is as important as any dynamic there is playing the billiards.

The best pool cues comes in different sizes, but regardless of the height, overall comfort with the cue of your choice will determine the level of pool play. We took a look at many pool cues from all over and determined that the ten pool cues on this list are the best you can get today on Billiards market.

10: Players Technology Series HXT15 Cue

Starting the list a trusted brand that brings a sturdy and durable cue to the grip of your hands. Made out of 100 percent North American maplewood, this 2 part stick with two consisting joints of either male or female is great to curve a shot.

The tip is made of black Kamui and the cue is 10 layers of pig skin for optimal control. The Players Technology Series HXT15 has a special epoxy finish that prevents it from being scuffed or nicked. It’s affordable, has a solid feel and most importantly, strong and comfortable.

9: Imperial Officially Licensed Pool Cue

Imperial has a quality cue for a beginner or intermediate level player. This cue is light and smooth on the hands, with great stability and a comfortable weight.

Easy and solid metal joint for a male or female, that screws and unscrews very easily. You’ll get a clean shot with the soft tip, and the soft wrap makes for a comfortable grip. This solid maplewood is 57 inches of imperial quality.

8: Players C-90 Classic Crimson Cue

Great for a beginner, but will also get the job done for an intermediate player. Irish nylon and real maplewood finish, the Players C-90 brings comfort to the pool shooter’s grip.

The stainless steel joint collar is joined together with a 5/16×18 pin. This allows you to shoot straight without wobbling.

7: Rage R688 Pool Cue

At first glance,you don’t know if you want to play with it or frame it to the wall. It has amazing decor, with a pink background and skull illustrated finishes. Don’t let the pink fool you, however, this stick is durable and made from 100 percent maplewood with a stainless steel joint collar.

Rage R688 is great for a beginner or intermediate player looking for the straightest shot.

6. Imperial Premier Cyclone Pool Cue

Imperial is back on this list, sliding up a few spots with the Cyclone Pool Cue that is a cross of hard rock maple wood. Great for professional players, looking for a trusted pool cue that won’t falter their shot.

With this pool cue, you’ll get daily use as it is tough as nails and durable. Coming in at 42 inches and weighing only 16 ounces, this stick feels like magic in your hands.

5: Trademark Global Billiard Cue

Trademark Global Billiard Cue is a two piece that comes with a protective casing, keeping your stick away from scratches and harsh elements, It’s 58 inches, so you’ll want to be able to shoot with control or be a little taller for size.

The soft tip makes great for casual play, with a brass sturdy tip perfect for a beginner learning their way around the table.

4: Cuesoul 57”

You’ll love this if you have control talent and play with size. The Cuesoul is made with stainless steel, and a quick release joint two part. The butt of the stick is made from American hardwood, but the shaft is constructed from Canadian maple.

This stick comes with a replaceable tip, and a rubber bumper. All things considered, this cue is set at an amazing price and will definitely bring you attention poolside.

3. Viper Junior

This is my kind of stick, and I’m sure you’ll love it too. Only 48 inches, and the design is very unique and fun with dragons and spiders laid out on it.

Weighs 16 ounces and is comfortable to hold at any angle of a shot, 2 piece makes it an easy transfer gametime stick. You get caps for the butt, ab, and joint, with a nylon wrap and leather tip for the softest stroke. Nice little stick, fair valued price.

2. Aska L2

If you are a fan of different colored sticks, then the Aska L2 has you covered. It’s 58 inches, so if you play for size and control your shot well, this stick will give you the game you want.

A 13MM hard tip for a longer lasting end to your cue, and comes at various weights. This stick is of great quality, and good for a pro trying to find a bargain buy.

1. Viper Underground Raven

Quote this pool cue, nevermore. Inspired by the Edgar Allen Poe poem, Raven, this stick has a great graphical design covered from top to bottom.

A stainless steel joint, the stick is light on the shot, and made for all player levels. A faux leather wrap so you never stress the handle and feel comfortable during the grip.


These are ten of the best pool cues out there in the Billiard market. A little something for everyone, really. For the beginner to the pro, everyone is well represented on our list.

Finding a cue can be hard with all the sticks out there today. Consider the length or size, the tip, the butt, weight, and how it feels when you grip to help you make your decision when you buy. Either one of these pool cues would make a nice addition for your play.