What products you’ll need to buy to get rid of pet hair


Sometimes having a pet can feel like a blessing and a curse. While the companionship has been shown to improve overall health, it can take a toll on you to feel like you’re forever chasing after pet hair in your home. While some cat and dog owners have simply accepted the fact that you’ll forever be covered in their pet’s hair, there are some options to help take back your clothes and your home.

Try Rubber Gloves

One of the more effective (and cost-effective) ways to remove pet hair is a pair of rubber dish gloves. The friction caused by the gloves will attract hair to your gloves and result in a perfectly clean surface. After you’ve dampened them, just run your hands over your fabric or upholstered furniture.

Use a Rubber Brush

With similar friction to rubber gloves, rubber brushes are becoming increasingly popular. Rubber brushes tend to have a massaging effect, working to relax your pet while also loosening and removing dead fur.

Vacuum Regularly

Arguably the most important point, pet owners must have a high-quality vacuum to hand their pet’s shedding. Some vacuums come with attachments that allow you to actually vacuum some of the hair of your pet, while others are specifically designed to handle pet hair. If you’re looking for an affordable pet vacuum, find the best discounts here.

For those that feel like they’re constantly battling pet hair, a cordless vacuum might be the best thing you can add to your arsenal. Before running out to purchase one, compare models at https://bestpethairvacuum.reviews/top-cordless-wireless-battery-powered-cleaners.

Try a Shed Control Shampoo

If your dog is a fan of baths, you might have the best luck with regular baths with a high-quality shedding shampoo. Many of these shampoos include omega-3 and omega-6, fatty acids which have been proven to reduce excess shedding in dogs.

Buy a New Sponge

An old trick for gathering loose pet hair is to run a dry or slightly dampened sponge over your furniture. If you do dampen the sponge, be sure to only wet the sponge very slightly.

Start using Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets (or balls, for that matter) will reduce static cling to your clothes. For those that struggle with keeping pet hair off their clothes, this can be a fantastic option.

Use Pet-Friendly Blankets

For those with animals that can’t help but climb on your furniture when you’re at work, pet-friendly blankets may be the solution you’ve been looking for. Most blankets that are designed specifically for pets come in a soft microfleece as well as being 100% waterproof with layers in between.

Pet ownership doesn’t have to be the end of a clean home. A combination of solutions listed above is the best bet to returning your home — and your clothes — to its former glory. While a pet-friendly blanket might help keep your bed clean, it’s important to maintain a proper brush routine as well. The secret is finding what works best for you and running with it.